Core Five Look Forward to the Future

After an enormously successful first full financial year, the team at Core Five have spent an afternoon together reviewing the detailed plans for the business over the coming year, whilst looking forward to the next five years for both the practice and the industry. The afternoon took place in the new high quality offices of one of Core Five’s clients, who kindly agreed to them using their meeting suite in their new offices. The aim of the afternoon was to ensure that each member of the team had a clear understanding as to the aims of the business over the next few years, while also inviting all team members to partake in presenting their ideas on some key issues that will affect the company as it grows from being a small to a medium sized business.

Founding Partner Barry Hayden said “We were delighted at the response of the team to our thoughts and ambitions, but more importantly their thoughts and ideas on some of the challenges that we face as we grow while ensuring that we stay ahead of the pack. We are proud of the quality of our team and their belief in Core Five.”

If you are interested in working with Core Five in the future and would like to know more about how we see our business developing over the next few years, then please get in touch by clicking here.

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